What We'll Do

Our 6 PillarsOur 6 Pillars


The Kenyan people must make a fundamental decision. Just 4 years after we celebrated our Jubilee Year by turning 50 the Jubilee Government has turned celebration into destitute misfortune bringing our beautiful country to her knees; a widespread genocide of the people that has seen millions of Kenyans fall due to starvation, ravaging corruption in every public office, insecurity and ethnic retribution. With basic necessities such as UNGA no longer guaranteed, the cost of living crippling an entire nation, unemployment at the highest it has ever been since independence, theft suffocating the tax payers and Kenyans being denied their basic socio-economic rights (high light socio- economic to link to Kenya Constitution – article 43 http://www.klrc.go.ke/index.php/constitution-of-kenya/112-chapter-four-the-bill-of-rights/part-2-rights-and-fundamental-freedoms/209-43-economic-and-social-rights) ENOUGH is enough and we must come together as Kenyans for Kenya (highlight) and demand immediate change. Mambo Yatabadilika!

We will close the gap between the very rich and everyone else.

What We'll Do

Our PillarsOur Pillars

nasa coalition kenya 1 first of six 6 pillars

First Pillar

Nation Building.
nasa coalition kenya 2 first of six6 pillars

Second pillar

State Building
nasa coalition third 3 of six 6 pillars

Third Pillar

Transforming Governance
nasa coalition fourth of six 6 pillars

Fourth Pillar

Realizing Social and Economic Rights
nasa coalition fifth of six 5 pillars

Fifth Pillar

Creating Jobs, Eradicating Poverty
nasa coalition kenya sixth 6 of six 6 pillars

Sixth Pillar

Regional and International Cooperation