Six years ago, we achieved a milestone in our struggle by inaugurating a new Constitution– the third in our independent history, but the first to be written with the participation of the people. We devoted the first seven of the Constitution’s eighteen chapters on the task set in the preamble,namely constructing a new Nationhood based on the essential values of “human rights, equality,freedom, democracy, social justice and the rule of law.” We recognized these values as essential to the well being of the individual, the family, our communities, and the Nation at large.

These aspirations are not new. They are indeed the same values distilled in the prayer that we sing in our national anthem. That we were compelled to rededicate ourselves to these values again almost fifty years after independence is clear testament that our aspiration for Nationhood remains a dream deferred.

Seven years later, we see ominous signs of our dream receding, of history repeating itself. We are a nation that is more divided today than at any other time in our history. We are divided by ethnicity, clan,gender,religion and geography.Those in power divide Kenyans by leveraging ethnicity, power and money,in pursuit of more power and money. Empty and unfulfilled promises of economic development devoid of any vision or efforts to unite, integrate and build a cohesive country is threatening to pull our nation asunder. A Nation without a vision leads to ruin.

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