Our governance structure and systems have been built on the foundation of a repressive and exploitative master-servant  relationship  between the  governors  and the governed  that  we inherited  from  the colonial administration.In our constitutional dispensation, we have endeavored as a sovereign people to establish a government that is a servant of the people. But the legacy of the colonial administration persists.The culture of leadership in Kenya today continues to perpetuate a life of opulence for a select few,paternalism, manipulation and misuse of public resources for self-enrichment at the expense of the public good.

The social, political and economic problems that  bedevil the country  today, such as tribalism  and a poorly motivated public service, are a product of this primitive governance and leadership culture. We face serious security  challenges that  include terrorism, organized crime, inter-community conflicts and rivalries, general lawlessness and impunity. These are manifestations  of a compromised security system,reflecting its authoritarian origins compounded by poor renumeration and benefits, deplorable welfare and working conditions,poor equipment as well as misuse and abuse by the powerful. The end result is that the security services are unappreciated and demotivated.

NASA recognizes  that  corruption   is the  most  destructive  interlocutor to  good  governance; and a monumental  national  security  threat;  it kills, stifles  and cripples  social, political  and economic development and destroys citizens’ morale, aspirations and patriotism. Yet this is where the Jubilee administration  has thrived, setting the record for the highest number of unpunished corruption  cases of any government,and consequently pushing the country to the edge of the cliff of economic collapse. NASA will facilitate  to the reconstruction of the national psyche to  bring about a shift  to servant leadership at all levels of governance, for the well-being and benefit of all citizens as enshrined in the Constitution.

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